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Window Blinds Varieties

Wooden blinds are especially popular at the moment for their natural beauty and supreme elegance. The types of woods used are typically light and soft, this is due to the fact that the slats of the blinds must be raised and lowered frequently and hence having a heavy wood would place undue stress on the cords of the blind fixing. One of the most commonly use varieties of wood used is basswood, this very light and durable and aesthetically has attractive grains that give a room simplistic natural touches. As a result of basswood being so dry, the effect of stains and varnishes can transform the blind although for this same reason this material should only be used in certain rooms. For instance; in places where the humidity level is high such as kitchens and bathrooms, wooden blinds will warp with the changes in temperature, understandably this is not a preferable occurrence.

If window blinds are to be placed into a bathroom or a kitchen then an artificial alternative is available. Faux wood blinds are rapidly becoming a popular solution for those who want all the aesthetic appeal of real wood without the downsides of warping and discolouration. Faux wood is typically cheaper than natural variants and hence can be used in larger windows; in addition, being far more robust it is perfect for used in bathrooms and kitchens where moisture can be a problem. With modern manufacturing even the designs have become far more realistic meaning that the uneducated would be hard pushed to notice the difference between faux and real wood varieties.

One of cheapest materials used in the manufacture of window blinds is vinyl. For this reason alone it is advisable to use vinyl in children’s bedrooms as if they are broken, replacements are not too expensive. Additionally, vinyl blinds are easy to maintain, being wipe clean and robust enough to cope with dusting.

These features combine to make vinyl the most practical choice in many rooms.
If natural blinds are preferable then wood is not the only option. One of the more stylistic choices is grass and bamboo. Bamboo in fact has been used as a window covering since the time of the ancient Chinese dynasties. It is great for creating a space that is comfortable and relaxing. These types of blinds are perfect for designers who want to create rooms that highlight different cultures and encourage serenity and escapism.