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Design Process Concept

Design is a powerful word, describing a form of art and purpose. Graphic art is more relevant to commercial art. Applied arts are relevant to industrial an architecture design and a component of inventions, engineering, building, manufacturing and much more.

Web designing is the first step to a professional website. The designers lay the structure for the pages. Where images will be and where the text goes. They can also create the content for the site such as everything the user will view and read on each page. The designer must be able to design pages that will interact and offer the user a good experience while visting your web address.

Designing floor plans of a house takes technique, methods, and critical thinking. All the necessities of a home need to be designed with keeping the wants and needs of the homeowner in the plan. Designing a functional home includes considering the families growth in numbers and in valuables collected over time. Taking the future into consideration, the designer can leave options for adding on in the future.

Designer drawings can be engineering designs that use mathematics and science. Many think of production of engineering as the component and forget that first there must be the design. The amount of science used in a design depends on the discipline. There is social science and natural science associated with designing.

Design involves critical thinking and creativity that produces a planned process. The production is the executing process which is kept in the plan by the designer whom does not necessarily take on the production end of the project but a developer will.

The first step to any design is the plan. Second is the creation, and third is the execution. Designing for the web, let’s say a logo. Create a brief on what you are expecting to accomplish. Research the industry and become familiar with the competitors. Develop thumbnails of the concept around your research. Present it to others for opinions and feedback. Select the thumbnail that suits you.

Designing an advertisement for your business is a good example of success and unsuccessful. Advertisements work well when properly designed. The process begins with researching the age group and culture of the target audience. When you have established the facts, you will use them to catch their attention and hold it for at least 5 seconds.

You must use quick messages to give enough information for the viewer to want more information and will read on. The design must be either to the point, extremely vague, or just random. Again, this depends on the research of the demographics of your target audience. Designing a room’s makeover, a painting, a wedding reception, a power source, or a website all have the same steps to achieve the process desired by the designer.

True design has no boundaries and the outcome is never known and is usually unexpected it also touches all subject areas and spectrums of ideas which ultimately draw inspiration and finally a new design will be born. Design is the foundation of all creative work. If you take a look at the present economic situation where all brands of commerce are under severe pressure and this is where good design becomes very important and where design becomes noticed and memorable and very effective.

A design is definitely not a private affair once a new design comes onto the market it is dissected and analysed and from the original design thousands of similar designs will materialize which claim to be better and bigger and more effective but think about it that is actually not the case as each design does have its own uniqueness. Advertising is a technique used to make one think that the design is different. There is nothing bigger or better it is just simple another design.